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Startup Package
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Having a business is a complex endeavor. There are always new challenges to overcome. Luckily, we have learned a thing or two about running a business. ORWOX has a vast experience in commercial operations. One of our most important things about running a firm that sells goods is keeping a proper inventory. Too much stock and you waste money. Too little and you have massive production shortages.

That's when ORWOX comes into play. We provide small and medium-sized businesses with the tools needed to be on par with big players. You will have access to high tech tools that large retailers use, and we will increase your presence in the market.

Additionally, our program is of great help and has as main objective the planning and creation of new businesses.



The vast majority of firms in this field seek to confuse and mislead their clients. Their main goal is to create complicated situations with complex and confusing contracts. That leads to surprised and angry customers because they are hit with additional charges and hidden fees.

We at ORWOX hate this type of practice. Therefore, we have made sure to make our statements simple to understand. Moreover, we don't have hidden fees. Everything is explained to you from the start. Our goal is to help customer businesses succeed.

Additionally, we have also created an aid program to help starting businesses get their footing. We offer a 25% discount for the first few months of services. After all, we understand that all new businesses start with minimal funds. And, the best part is that there is no minimum order volume. You can enjoy the savings regardless of your sales.

Lastly, if you need some IT support, our services come with IT support for no extra cost!


Yes, we are a business. But we can only succeed if we make you successful. So our main product is teaching. Ergo, ORWOX provides clients with vital information and education in different key topics. Some of the areas we focus on are supply chain management, selection of delivery methods, and sourcing of packaging materials. It is paramount that our clients learn how to see the forest from the trees. That's what brings any business to the next level.


Technology is evolving at a pace that might be hard to follow by most starting businesses. Here is when we come in. We can enhance our customers’ experience by giving them access to all the perks that come from partnering with us. We have brought in the latest technological advancements to make your life easier. We implement intuitive tracking systems, custom API integrations, shipping system options, AI, and an advanced algorithm to give you the best tools the market has to offer.


We understand that trust matters when it comes to outsourcing task. Sharing delicate information related to the business could be seen as dangerous.

We are committed to be an extension of your company. We will handle all the tasks, and follow all specifications and protocols that you have set for your business. It's paramount for us to work in tandem with your trusted team to ensure that everyone is doing their job. We don't want to get in the way of your goal.

We are proud of our work as a team and will make every effort for you to enjoy the experience of working with us. Our business relationships are based on transparency. That way, you know that we count on each other.

If you have an incubator, accelerator, startup or venture capital company for seeds, do not hesitate to contact ORWOX. We are ready to help!

Were you aware?

Beyond order fulfillment, we have a lot to offer. While we can help your business save a ton, we can also train new businesses be more efficient in their endeavor. We are a trusted name in mentoring new businesses to bridge the gap between creativity and efficiency.

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