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Our customers are always top-priority here at ORWOX. When it comes to searching for an excellent order fulfillment facility, many will notice the great costs and complications involved with the majority of the options available on the market. In addition to this, attempting to compare such similar operations is almost impossible due to the incredible number of variables at play and different levels of service to consider; discovering the company which provides the greatest value to you can be a real challenge.

Some of the companies intentionally make the billing process cumbersome so customers are tricked into subscribing to them. Not ORWOX. Our complete transparency will provide you an upfront estimate of how much you’d be paying, and our flexible pay-as-you-go plan will only cost you based on your usage. We never charge any hidden fees – EVER!

Our 4-Steps Process for Plan Customization

Getting to know you

Please, before we begin working, provide us with essential information regarding your company’s activities, location, clients’ demographics, sales, products offered in your stores, the type of storage you will need, and any additional information you can think of.

This information will help us give you a base plan that suits your needs. Afterwards, we will start customizing it until it fits perfectly to you. The idea is to get as much information as possible from you so we can create a perfectly tailored plan which will let you get the best out of your subscription.

Intuitive AI-Driven Support System

We help you make an informed decision every time by providing the latest data from our intuitive Artificial Intelligence system.

The AI will calculate whether it is a better choice for you to work with us on a subscription basis, or per order. The recommendation will account for sales volumes, business goals, history in the industry, future demand forecast and your personal budget.

Every single time our AI will help you choose the best shipping available and can suggest any add-ons that may help you turn a bigger profit. Entirely free packing materials returns management and order management just a few of our many 100% complimentary services.

Supreme Account Management

One of the core aspects of our operations is ensuring every one of our customers is provided with their own dedicated account manager. Expert account managers will be assigned to your account as soon as you subscribe to one of our many, excellent plans. They will be your guide to ensuring you get 100% to grips with our intelligent and superior software. As long as you work with ORWOX, they will be there for you, the valued customer. They will always be available to help you with any problem or question you may have, to ensure you achieve the most success you can, working with us!

You’re Set for Success!

That easily, your plan is 100% ready to fly! Rest assured that this will be the greatest possible plan for your company based on your needs and current aspirations. Our comprehensive service includes every other benefit we can offer to you. In addition to this, AI, inventory and order management, attention to details, order customization and substantial savings are always included with our plans!

Did Somebody Mention Freebies?

Entirely Complimentary Setup

We provide you with a simple, streamlined process for adding any accounts. Account activation takes only a couple days, not weeks like other companies in our industry. Your plan will be ready to help you succeed before you know it!

Absolutely No Limitations

There are simply no limitations with our service plan – yep, you heard us right. It doesn’t matter if you wish to process five orders a month or five thousand, you will always receive the same supreme personal attention and service to ensure your customers are always 100% satisfied.

Complete Fee Transparency

With us, there will never be any “hidden fees”. We would not have such a satisfied customer base if we were constantly charging them miscellaneous amounts, so we aim to be 100% transparent with you on the exact costs of each and every procedure!

Zero Long-Term Storage Costs

We never charge long-term storage costs to ensure our customers are provided with the best opportunities for business growth.

Simple, Affordable Pay-As-You-Go Option

Whilst the majority of our customers aim for the cheaper subscription plans, we have available, we understand many may wish to work on a pay-as-you-go basis! This option is also extremely cheap and caters towards those with a smaller budget.

Easy Integration With 99% Of Online Shopping Carts

Our software instantly connects with the overwhelming majority of online shopping carts, ensuring a streamlined process - which is extremely easy to manage.

Complimentary Returns Processing

We process all returns free of charge! We credit these items back to your inventory for 100% accurate accounting. It’s also possible for us to handle damaged items if this is needed.

Complimentary Packaging Services

We offer classic brown cardboard packaging to every one of our customers. However, for a small additional fee, we also offer a wide variety of custom packaging with your company’s branding on it to impress the customer that bit more.

Discrete Services

Our company name never appears in your order – on no invoices, packing slips, or boxes. This way, your customers will never even know of our existence! We’d love for you to receive all the credit and don’t want to disturb this if possible.

Dedicated Customer Support

A dedicated Personal Account Manager ensures that customers get the personal attention they deserve and that they are completely satisfied with our service.

Complete Customer Care and Support

Our dedicated account managers are always available to answer any questions you may have, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Huge Discounts on Bulk Orders

We offer great discounts when you place bulk orders with us, further showing how we can prove to be the best option in the industry for you. Our prices are already extremely competitive for the superior service we provide!

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ORWOX is 100% transparent and we will lay out what your bill will look like when you sign up. There’s no hidden cost or upfront sign up cost. We also don’t tie you into any sort of long-term commitment so you can give us a shot without shooting yourself in the foot.

Customer Support

Got questions for us? Having issues with your order? Our customer service team is available around the clock to resolve any issues and answer all your questions.

Get in touch with our customer service team by phone, email, or create a support ticket*.

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*Support ticket option is only available to customers with an active plan