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Our Story
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ORWOX is committed to create the most customer-centric company in our industry. Our creativity and innovative approach to order fulfillment and cutting-edge technology set us apart from the rest of the pack. When our competitors are struggling to meet the bar, we are setting the bar for the rest of the industry. We are constantly evolving and replacing antiquated processes with better, newer, more efficient processes. Innovative technology fuels us to transform order fulfillment like nothing before. Our proactive approach helps businesses save time, money and increases profitability.
Technology has paved the way to success for us and the customers we serve. When used and understood correctly, technology can be a potent agent to transform any business for better. While efficiency is great, we don’t underestimate the power of personal touch and human factors in order fulfillment. We offer order customization and personalization for businesses of all size, shapes and colors. No other company can provide the same level of attention to detail, efficiency and customization like we offer.

How it all Started

Before founding ORWOX, our founder spent years gaining experience and working from the ground up in the order fulfillment industry. After spending several years in the industry, he couldn’t help but wonder if there was an easier, faster, better, more efficient way to fulfill orders. From his first-hand experience, he could already see ways to improve overall efficiency, reduce costs, and improve service across the board. The primary goal was to create a better overall experience for customers.

We are talking about a time when two-day delivery was a far-fetched idea. At that time, our founder thought of the concept of distributed warehouses. Distributed warehouses are now making same day delivery a reality which was hard to conceptualize even a year ago. These warehouses serve as places to store products and fulfill orders from a location closest to the consumers address. This drastically reduces both the delivery time and shipping cost. Since the expense of the entire distributed warehouse network is shared, there’s no upfront cost to participate, making this an incredibly efficient and cost-effective order fulfillment approach.

Distributed warehouses being dispersed all over, our customers enjoy some of the fastest shipment options in the industry. We offer unmatched efficiency and speed. We ensure all orders are being prepared accurately, with all customization and special orders being prepped with extra care while maintaining a blazing fast processing speed.

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What’s next?

If you’re thinking this all seems too good to be true, call us today and make your business a part of the next big thing in Order Fulfillment! Realize the true potential of your business with the amazing power of distributed warehouses. Partner with ORWOX and enjoy success beyond your imagination.

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Were you aware?

ORWOX didn't just pop into existence overnight. We have been in the business for a long time and to remain in the business, we must be doing something right. Our experience in the Order Fulfillment industry helped us identify possible rooms for improvement and we just kept on innovating from that point onward.

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