Fulfillmentby Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
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Amazon's FBA program is a unique opportunity for small and medium businesses to increase both their sales and exposure to a broader market. You'll be able to offer free shipping, and you'll have the opportunity to sell to Amazon Prime customers.

But there are some downsides. Amazon's FBA program doesn't offer any flexibility. Moreover, you have to adapt to Amazon's strict guidelines instead of creating your own rules. And violating any of Amazon's terms will get you fined or barred from the FBA program for life.

ORWOX's FBA Preparation Services

Receiving Your Item

All received items are inspected and anomalies or issues are reported back to customer

Items are picked up or received at our locations

Package Preparation

Visual inspection to verify accuracy of item packed for shipping

Shipping labels generated using most effective shipping method/carrier

Consolidation of packages for further shipping savings

Option to use free plain packing boxes or customized branded boxes

Extra precautions taken to reduce the chance of damage in transit to fragile items by using bubble wrap, poly bags and other similar items

Product is hand-checked for pending expiration dates to ensure product does not spoil and becomes ineligible for sale to consumers

Photos are provided to our customers to verify products received are accurate

Ship to Amazon

Packages are shipped to Amazon

Boundless Features

Amazon Program Compliance

Amazon doesn't negotiate here, and neither do we. If the rules are not followed, it can lead to products being returned, rejected, or in the worst-case eliminated by Amazon. You can even admonish or given a fine. Ergo, expenses can quickly rise if things aren't handled correctly form the start.

To guarantee that no FBA rules are broken, ORWOX handles the preparation and listing of all your products before they're shipped to Amazon.

Only Pay as You Use

You will only be charged for the orders that have been processed and shipped to Amazon. Whatever you don't ship, you don't pay. There are no hidden fees or extra cost involved. And that's a promise that we at ORWOX are planning to keep.

Distributed Warehouses

We have strategic sites close to Amazon distribution centers. Therefore, whenever you need to send an item or check on the state of your Amazon inventory, we can do that effortlessly.

Remember that all items processed at ORWOX are done at a minimal cost. That said, you can still consolidate your shipments to increase savings.


Don't feel down if Amazon's FBA regulations seem too cumbersome. Our IA system will help make everything very easy to understand. It is a straightforward software that you can use. And it will save you time.

Storage Convenient

If you don't want us to send your item to Amazon immediately, we can keep it in one of our facilities until you decide otherwise. You will have to pay for the days that your product will stay at our warehouses. However, you are free to check our rates. We pride ourselves in our low prices. Additionally, you will be able to rest assured that your item is safe thanks to our physical and electronic measures.

Our facilities are secure with both physical and electronic measures in place to protect your assets from unauthorized access.

Were you aware?

Fulfillment by Amazon or more commonly known as the FBA program can be a lucrative opportunity to increase sales and profit. We can help you with your FBA endeavor. We can guarantee compliance and a streamlined fulfillment experience with FBA.

Customer Support

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