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Freedom for Developers
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ORWOX's work isn't marked solely by technology. We are more determined by how we use said technology and integrate it with our staff that will get the most out of it. We choose how to use our human resources, our technology and the information or data we need.

The design of our Application Programming Interface (API) allows us to see reports in a continuous flow of data of what happens at the moment of the order fulfillment. That information is crucial to help us customize data about work and to help us link with suppliers and internal applications without an effort.

We will explain to you how this API works and how it will help your company.

Order API

This API generates a large amount of information with all the data supplied to it. The data will not make any sense if it is not interpreted as a report that gives us essential information when making a decision. You can monitor, change or cancel any system order. It will allow you to make a selection of any law and obtain any information about the law and the products within it. You can modify any invoice. If you need to follow a package, you will be able to see where the order is and what status it has. You can make lists to see the orders delivered and those that are still undelivered. Any additional reports you need can be created with this API.

Stock API

Managing the inventory of a business is an essential part of any business. It's life or death to have the right inventory, or your company will be directly affected. You will lose sales if you run out of stock or come across products in lousy condition. ORWOX's Stock API will solve all your inventory management problems by giving you easy access to everything you have in your inventory. You'll have an ordered report with the products, either listed or by supplier so you can see the status of your inventory. This API will inform you when a product in your stock is about to run out or expire. This way, you can place your orders and never run out of merchandise. With this API, you can place an order under certain conditions.

Returns API

An inevitable part of any business is handling annoying returns. The returns API will make it easier for you to handle these cumbersome returns. You will be able to see which item has been returned, the customer, and the reason why it was replaced utilizing a detailed report. You can generate a label to any returned product to know details about it. Once you have the tracking information, it will be available to you and the customer. This return API will help you uncover any problems either with a product or in inventory so you can resolve them quickly.

Notifications API

We make an initiative for customers to use our Notifications API. You will see updates with any order, so you can know what's going on at any time with any order status. You don't need to be running your business all the time to understand what's going on. You will have access to all the information that you need, and if you need any changes, please contact us. You can supervise any operation without being physically in place. If you wish to subscribe to any of our services, we have unparalleled flexibility. If you have any questions about the API system, please contact us. Enjoy an IT tool that will help you for a year need to subscribe to our annual plan.

Were you aware?

Technology can be a true blessing when used right. There's no reason to dread technology when you partner with ORWOX. We will configure, train and teach your staff on how to use them. We have a wide range of Application Programming Interface, including: Stock API, Returns API, Order API, Notifications API and more.

Customer Support

Got questions for us? Having issues with your order? Our customer service team is available around the clock to resolve any issues and answer all your questions.

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