Crowdfunding Fulfillment
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Crowdfunding has become a popular way for ideas to become businesses. However, running a crowdfunding campaign is not as easy as it looks.

One of the biggest obstacles when using this funding method is paying all the rewards that were promised to early investors. These backers often expect their rewards to be delivered in time. And that's when the problem starts.

ORWOX is here to help you. Our vast experience and expertise in the field of crowdfunding will make any project a reality.

Getting those early backers

Firstly, it is crucial to offer enticing rewards to potential backers, so they are inclined to fund you. Unfortunately, most people tend to overpromise, which leads to underdelivering. That's because most campaigns ignore how fast overheads cost and other expenses can add up.

Secondly, you have to have a very creative crowdfunding campaign. And here is where another mistake is made. Startups lean too much on creativity, which leads to a lack of concrete plans.

ORWOX can help in these two areas. When it comes to the first point, our knowledge in management, campaign creation, and logistics are significant assets. That's because we can offer proper guidance on how to set rewards and what to do when it's time to deliver them.

We can also help you with the second point. Our experienced external coordinator can help you create the campaign you need and the platforms to use.

Lastly, we have a new inventory management system that will help you have everything under control. You'll have access to tracking information, inventory management, delivery notifications, backorders and shipping alternatives, among other things. Our system will even allow you to interface with it without any problem.

We have complimentary services free of charge that will help you meet your goals. Furthermore, we also offer shipping discounts and free shipping consolidation. Yes, we'll give you shipping consolidation completely free!

The perks of working with ORWOX do not end there. You'll only pay for the rewards that are processed. There're hidden fees or extra charges. That's the ORWOX's guarantee.

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Additional benefits of crowdfunding fulfillment


You have the option of storing your product in multiple locations. It lowers waiting times and avoids having to rent a large, centralized warehouse. Moreover, having various storing locations speeds delivery times. Faster delivery means less the distance. And that translates to lower cost.


Having a single software to communicate with backers and track orders is the dream. And that dream can be accomplished with our proprietary software. It integrates will all major crowdfunding platforms without compromising your data's security.


Our prices are already low when it comes to shipping. However, if you need to ship in bulk, we will help you reduce costs even more!

  • Crowdfunding process
  • Propose a unique product idea
  • Create a compelling campaign to attract backers
  • Accumulate financing to manufacture products
  • Ship products to ORWOX
  • Use our software to track and manage inventory and rewards.
  • Deliver Rewards to backers
  • It's that simple when you use ORWOX!

Were you aware?

Crowdfunded campaign or projects can help you get the seed money to get you started. Once you are ready to give back to your backers, we can help you fulfill those orders. We also offer deep discounts and special subscriptions for startups so you can save substantially while you find a solid footing.

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